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This can be officially defined as a genocide or not; or
A situation that is on the continuum of the stages of genocide
Research the situation and write a paper (3000 words) addressing the following issues and questions:
Describe the situation
Who are/were the victims?
Who are/were the perpetrators
Did/does the situation involve mass expulsion, deportation and/or forced separation?
How are/were people identified for mass expulsion, deportation and/or forced separation?
What were the earliest signs of human rights violations?
What else is/was happening at the same time?
Is/was the UN involved?
What is/was the reaction of the international community?
Do you see any parallels to current events in the U.S?
Do you see differences to current events in the U.S?

Your test answers should be written in short paragraphs, and the entire document should be at least 700 words in length (a well-documented exam will be much longer than this).
1. For whom does Franklin write his autobiography? Who is his audience? Describe the stages in which the book is written. (This information will be in the introduction to your book.)
2. Franklin faced many obstacles as he tried to set himself up with a print shop. Describe TWO of these obstacles and explain how he overcame them.
3. Franklin mentions multiple times that he errs in his judgment about a situation. Describe ONE of these errors and how he corrected it. What do you think he learned from this mistake?
4. Explain the Junto. How was it organized, who were its members, and what was its purpose? Discuss ONE new development that came from the Junto.
5. Whom do you think was the single most influential person in Franklin’s life? Explain your choice using concrete examples from the autobiography.
6. In your opinion, what did Franklin want his audience to learn about his life (or life in general) from reading his autobiography? Support your answer with a quote from the text.

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